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Traffic School is a common term for traffic safety courses. Depending on the state or locale it can be called different names. Some examples are Driver Improvement Course, Defensive Driving Course, Traffic Safety Course, etc.

Why Online Traffic School?

The main reason most people take traffic school online is for diversion of a traffic ticket. In other words, it’s a part of a plea with the court with the incentive of reducing their traffic ticket fine or not reporting it to the DMV (thus helping to keep insurance premium rates lower) by completing an approved driver improvement course. Incentives vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction but the concept is the same. All traffic schools are private entities and charge a fee. Courses range from four to eight hours and, depending on jurisdiction and local rules, can be taken online or in the classroom.

Cut the Cord

Access your California traffic school course anywhere, anytime, and from any device.
We just ask that you don’t do it while driving.