The US route 101 freeway is a heavily traveled road serving the north Los Angeles County from downtown Los Angeles to Ventura County and points beyond all the way to northern California. Majority of speed enforcement along the 101 freeway is conducted by the California Highway Patrol. The most common speed enforcement technique used by the CHP is by the use of speed radar or by pacing.

The speeding tickets on the 101 freeway are issued for violations of California vehicle code sections 22349 a and 22356 b. However, there are certain sections of the 101 freeway where the speed limit is reduced to 55 mph while the roadway remains a multi-lane divided highway thereby resulting speeding tickets being issued for violation code section 22350.

101 Freeway speeding ticket defenses for violation of 22349 a, 22356 b and 22350 must address the specific enforcement techniques used to determine the speed of the target vehicle as well as the proper posting of the speed limit. Specifically, it is critical to analyze the reduction of the speed limit from 65 mph to 55 mph on the 101 freeway.

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