We are the forefront of the ever changing laws in the traffic court. We know the right steps to take to increase your chance of dismissing your traffic tickets or getting the best possible outcome GUARANTEED.


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Contact Team United Traffic Tickets – We have been fighting and dismissing your traffic tickets since we opened in 2015. This modern team of traffic ticket lawyers have come together with many years of experience. Coming together to fight your traffic tickets in the new era of court rules and laws.

Our goal is to dismiss your traffic tickets and to provide superior customer experience for resolving traffic tickets. Also, we value people just like us who want to fight and dismiss our traffic tickets!

Our team has many years of experience in Fighting Traffic Tickets. Therefore, we are passionate about not only fighting traffic tickets for clients and exceeding your expectations, but further dismissing your traffic ticket. Call United traffic tickets about our traffic ticket lawyers. Most of all, we go the extra step for you.

Also, you have a better chance of dismissing your tickets because we know the right strings to pull in court. We love our clients and welcome your feedback and suggestions for resolving your traffic tickets. Use our Contact Us page to tell our traffic ticket lawyers about your citation.

Contact us – After getting a traffic ticket, many drivers will simply pay off their ticket and not give it a second thought. Hence, when you consider the fines associated with traffic violations and the fact that paying the ticket is accepting a court conviction, you may want to think about fighting your ticket.

Contact us – Dealing with court procedures and legal matters can be confusing. Therefore, knowledgeable and experienced traffic ticket attorneys are available to help you in your fight.

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