California Lawyer Traffic Ticket – If I hire a California Lawyer for traffic ticket can he/she guarantee that my ticket will be dismissed?

No. It is impossible to guarantee an outcome. All cases are subject to the discretion of the Judge. Judges rule based on the evidence and the arguments presented to them, even in traffic courts.

How can a traffic ticket attorney promise and guarantee that my traffic ticket will be dismissed if I use his/her service to fight traffic tickets ?

traffic ticket lawyerNo ethical attorney will make promises or predictions regarding the outcome of your traffic ticket case in traffic court. According to the California State Bar Rules of Professional responsibility 1-400(E), the board of governors of the State Bar has adopted the following standards as of May 27, 1989, for communications defined in rule 1-400(e) that are presumed to be a violation of rule 1-400 is as follows:
(1) A “communication” which contains guarantees, warranties, or predictions regarding the result of the representation.

(2) A “communication” which contains testimonials about or endorsements of a member unless such communication also contains an express disclaimer such as “this testimonial or endorsement does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.”

(3) A “communication” which is delivered to a potential client whom the member knows or should reasonably know is in such a physical, emotional, or mental state that he or she would not be expected to exercise reasonable judgment as to the retention of counsel………

Hiring a traffic ticket attorney does not guarantee that your ticket would be dismissed in traffic court nor should any traffic ticket attorney make any statements of guarantee as to the outcome of your traffic ticket case to persuade you to use their service.

Do you need a traffic ticket attorney or traffic ticket lawyer to fight traffic tickets in traffic court ?

Traffic violation offenses fall under two general categories; 1- Infractions and 2-Misdemeanors. However, it is important to note that a great majority of traffic violations
are issued as infractions.

The most common traffic infraction violations are listed below:

  • Speeding tickets (22350 vc, 22349 a vc, 22349 b vc)
  • Red light tickets (21453 a vc, 21453 b vc, 21453 c vc)
  • Stop sign tickets (22450 a vc)
  • Disobey regulatory sign tickets (No U turn, No right turn, No Left turn)

The biggest problem with hiring a traffic ticket attorney to fight traffic tickets for a simple violation such as speeding tickets or red light tickets is the cost. There really is not a set fee for traffic ticket lawyer services. Therefore, each law firm or sole practitioner ticket attorney has their own rate. The traffic ticket lawyer fees vary from a couple of hundred dollars to as much as $3,000 or higher in some cases. Most traffic ticket attorneys offer a free one time consultation which in most cases is a marketing technique to get a potential client make the initial contact and provide information to the ticket attorney (or the staff) for follow up calls to encourage the individual to hire the traffic ticket attorney.

As previously discussed, despite the high cost, hiring a traffic ticket attorney does not guarantee that the traffic ticket would be dismissed by the judge in traffic court. Therefore, if a traffic ticket is not dismissed an individual would have to pay for the high cost of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer as well as paying the traffic ticket fines and the additional insurance premiums.

For example, you have a speeding ticket in Los Angeles County with an approximate fine of $300. A speeding ticket can result in a 1 point penalty on your DMV record which may increase your insurance premium $600 per year for 3 years for a total of $1800. Please see the following scenarios as a comparison to fight speeding tickets using our service verses using a traffic ticket attorney:

Ticket-Attorney-CostAs demonstrated in the above table, even with the best outcome of getting your speeding ticket dismissed, hiring a traffic ticket attorney would cost you at a minimum $250 verses our service which would cost you only $99. So, even if you end up beating your traffic ticket using the lowest fee for the traffic ticket attorney, you are still out $250. In that case, you should ask yourself if you really won.