appearance date on traffic ticketThe technical term for a traffic ticket is NOTICE TO APPEAR. That is why every traffic ticket in California has a APPEARANCE DATE on it.

Basically, when a driver is pulled over for a traffic ticket instead of arresting the driver for the traffic ticket infraction the officer and issues a traffic ticket after the driver signs the traffic ticket. The signature on the traffic ticket is not an admission of guilt. The signature on a traffic is a promise to appear in traffic court by the date indicated on the traffic ticket. That explains the term “appearance date” as indicated on all traffic tickets.However, the term appearance date on a traffic ticket is misleading. Most people interpret the term appearance date literally and they think that they must appear in traffic court. In fact appearance date really means that you need to contact (by phone, on-line service, letter, in person) the traffic court by the designated appearance date and do one of the following:

1- Get an extension for the appearance date on the traffic ticket

2- To fight traffic ticket plead not guilty & request a Trial by Written Declaration

3- To fight traffic ticket plead not guilty & request a traffic court trial

4- Plead guilty & pay the fine or plead guilty pay the fine & ask for traffic school (if eligible)If you want to use our service to fight traffic tickets, sign up for our service as soon as possible and we will let you know when to ask an extension for your appearance date to maximize the appearance date extension period.