In California the Basic Speed Limit Law is defined by section 22350 vc. According to the California Vehicle Code, local jurisdictions may reduce the speed limit on a roadway below the Maximum Speed Limit Law as outlined by sections 22349 vc and 22356 vc. All such speed limit reductions require a Traffic and Engineering Study to justify the reduction of speed based the 85th percentile prevailing speed of vehicles on the roadway.

California Speed Trap Rule apply to speeding tickets that are issued under 22350 vc. The California Speed Trap Rule indicates that all speed limit reductions must comply with the requirements of the California MUTCD to justify the reduction of the speed limit. If the reduction of the speed limit does not comply with the specific requirements of the MUTCD that would constitute a speed trap. Therefore, if the existence of a speed trap can be established in a speeding ticket defense for cvc 22350, then that speeding ticket would be dismissed by the traffic court.

One must have a detailed knowledge of the California Speed Trap Rule to show the existence of a Speed Trap on a roadway in a speeding ticket defense for 22350 vc. If you have decided to fight your speeding ticket for 22350 vc with a trial by written declaration we can help you by preparing all your documents for you.

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