traffic ticket lawyers will get the best outcome. we have a 95% success rate

Traffic Tickets Dismissed

We go to court for you and fight traffic tickets, DUIs, and suspended license

Traffic Tickets 95% Success Rate

We request a trial by declaration first to give us two chances at dismissing your case. We have a 95% success rate for dismissing your ticket or reducing the charges and fines.

Suspended License

We will remove the hold on your license within 10 days, clear all your extra fines for missing your court date, and get the best possible outcome. Give us a call to recall your FTA’s today.

DUI Drunk Driving

We are given only 10 days to stop your license from being suspended. If you got a DUI give us a call now! We can help stop your license suspension and get the best outcome from the Court.

Free Consultation

Our traffic ticket lawyers love our clients and provide free consultations for resolving your traffic tickets. Call us or use our Contact Us page to tell our traffic ticket lawyers about your citation.

Fighting traffic tickets

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David B. Rosenberg

Head Counsel
Practicing attorney for 29 years who has prior experience as a Judge in traffic court.
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Sam Tulman (Tulumdzhyan)

CEO and Founder of United Traffic Tickets – Defense
Over 9 years of experience in the traffic courts procedures, rules, and how to fight for the best possible outcomes.

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